Roger Swallow

ROGER SWALLOW is the founder of Los Angeles based chu recordswlo music, a division of his swlo inc, and is an electronic musician and programmer, drummer/percussionist, guitarist, and songwriter/lyricist. swlo inc also develops and manages real estate and other business enterprises while providing creative and production support for various entertainment projects and artists, including documentaries through their swlo productions division.
He has 4 decades of experience with electronicia. Including collaborative efforts with Florida's musician-laureate Jack Tamul, a renowned electronic synthesist, then, he played electronic percussion with the legendary Los Angeles band -- Jules (Shear) & The Polar Bears, and now ambient studio group bFas (blood from a stone) with sound designer and EVI master Judd Miller.
As a drummer/percussionist Swallow is perhaps most well known in the British traditional arena, playing and collaborating with such artists as Albion Country Band, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Musica Resavarta, Robin Williamson, Norma Waterson. His credits as a percussionist also include such artists as Leon Russell & Rickie Lee Jones. As a lyricist/songwriter, Swallow has had solo recordings and chart successes in the UK & Europe with top producer Stephen Hague's projects. Hague, a colleague from the 'Polar Bear' days, is also co-owner with Swallow in London's famous Manna Vegetarian Restaurant. They also collaborate in their 'Blue Panda' enterprises, including real estate, recording studio, publishing, management & music production. His current projects are writing for and producing his own soundtrack project sheRifff with various Los Angles jazz mucisians and vocalists and the latest collection from bFas.

Swallow brings to the multifaceted chu/swlo projects, not only a rich and diverse musical & business background from the traditional to the futuristic, but a 30 year exploration of human consciousness, brain/mind research and the human condition. Through the study of health, spectral frequency, philosophy, early history, astro-archeology, & the practice of deep meditation and Yoga, he is uniquely qualified to lead chu/swlo into the exciting 'electronic' future with a comprehensive understanding of traditional health.

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